M/V Cloud Nine

M/V Cloud Nine
A 1973 North Sea 38' pilothouse Trawler, made in Osaka, Japan by Kita Trading Co. Ltd.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


 As mentioned in earlier post, the explosion the end of January caused damage to our windows and doors.  We received delivery of our Motion Windows bought from Peninsula Glass Company in Vancouver, WA.  (Very professional group and really nice windows!)  The first window has been installed after a few days of cutting, filling, epoxying, trying to fit it, more cutting and filling, etc., etc.  We're hoping the remaining three go quicker.  ;-)

Here's Jerry ripping out the old carpet in the salon.  You can see the boxes of wood flooring behind him.  He's putting in bamboo, which should look great!

You can also see in both of these photos the missing headliner.  I decided to let him finish his work putting down the new flooring and installing the remaining windows before we finish up with the headliner.  Let's just say it helps to avoid "accidents"?

Will post pictures of finished floor as soon as it's all down!

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