M/V Cloud Nine

M/V Cloud Nine
A 1973 North Sea 38' pilothouse Trawler, made in Osaka, Japan by Kita Trading Co. Ltd.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Letting Go

Our intent when leaving for this five-month voyage was to update this blog regularly, posting photos, maybe even videos.  Maybe this was naive of us, given the lack of cell phone coverage and wi-fi spots along the Inside Passage.  We don't have one of those fancy satellite dishes on top of our boat.  (At $2,500 for the dish, and then $60 per month for the service, it's just slightly over our budget. Okay, so more than slightly.) So were we expecting more coverage and availability for posting on this blog?  Yes.

Then, add in the dreaded "blue screen of death" that my laptop decided to pull on us.  We were lucky to find a computer tech who could at least get our files off and saved to our external hard drive, but we were left with a barely functioning computer.  A new computer is on our list to buy once we get to Juneau.  So our grandiose plans of (at least) weekly updates to this blog have been put aside, unhappily.  My tether to technology, which I was so dependent on in the States, has long ago been severed.  Time to let go and just enjoy this experience.  Which we are!

We are having a wonderful time, are currently in Prince Rupert, waiting out weather to cross the Dixon Entrance, with Ketchikan as our next port of call (after a stop at Foggy Bay)